http://with Chris, former football coacha new sport

never played before on this planet

easy and fun

for all ages

at a stadium, at a beach 

on the boats in the ocean

or at your backyard

unique layouts and equipment kit

fast and competitive, or slow and relaxing


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VIDABALL IS HIRING to fill a few casual positions. 

Play romantic games,

build friendship relationships

win a money prize

or just play it

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  • VIDABALL is different from any existing sports. It’s an registered trade mark and has the pending US patent.

  • Played by males or/ and females,  it can be a team sport or an individual game.


  • The size of the field, can be 80 meters wide and 140 meters long for the team game; as big as a golf field.  As for the single’s game, recreationally, it can be as small as your backyard.

  • It comprises a set of unique equipment kit, played at the field of special layouts.


  • There are license or joint-venture business opportunities, that welcome companies, organizasions, and talented individuals to become part of VIDABALL.

  • The goal of VIDABALL is to benefit  people, both the professional players, and the recreational players.

  • It will become a popular sport, liked by people of all walks, while creating new businesses.




keep fit & have fun, two in one



 The equipment of VIDABALL are at the prototype stage, being tested in the first games; maybe in market in the mid of 2019.



Harry Wong is the inventor of VIDABALL, and the owner of the pending patent and the trademark. Thanks to the help of David B. Sandelands, the patent lawyer from Cislo & Thomas LLP, and other lawyers.



Business sponsors: 


Vita Cruiser Pty Ltd





with Alan, director of Steber International

Thanks to the assistance of Tony, from Davies & Gathercole, Inc. He helped me with the patent application.